Messenger Bag Superb Black


Someone who will carry for you.

Once your order is placed we need 3 – 5 days to manufacture the product as everything is made by hand.

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The design of the modern messenger bag traces its origin to the ancient times. Once used by horse couriers, now a fashion icon. Perfect for holding notebooks, writing accessories, tablets and everything else you may find useful in your creative works. Worn over the shoulder keeps your valuables accessible at all time. The Juchten leather guarantees everything you put inside remains dry.

Material: Waterproof Juchten Cow Leather

Thread: Semi-waxed Italian polyester thread

Hardware: Steel elements in ancient brass

Tech data:

  • dimensions: H 27cmx W 22cm x D 8cm (H 10.6in x W 8.6in x D 3.4in)
  • available in four colors
  • Lifetime warranty

Juchten Leather

The Juchten leather also known as Yuft is a type of cow leather with a birch oil worked into the material once the tanning is complete. The Juchten leather is known for its durability, flexibility and resistance to water. Believe it or not but it is also regarded as an effective insect deterrent. Since 17th century it has been widely applied in production of military equipment, leather straps and shoes.


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