Hello – we are BlueBlood!

Blue Blood is a leather goods hand manufacture based in Hasselt Belgium.

It is an incentive of three friends with backgrounds respectively in design, computer graphics and leather works. The project has been developed since 2014 and it has been successfully funded via Kickstarter in 2015.

All of the designs are our own creation. The products are made by hand in Belgium from Italian leather and shipped directly to customers worldwide – a traditional product in a globalized world.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

Blue Blood constituents


It all starts humbly with a sharp pencil and a piece of paper, but there is so much more to it. The idea is substantial – we went for something that is both casual and elegant, and yet durable and minimalistic.


We decided to go for top-grain, vegetable tanned, semi aniline dyed cattle leather. Material treated this way has a beautifully rich texture and has a very soft feeling to it. Our search for perfect material was a long journey – my garage is filled with various leather hide samples we had to reject. It was all worth it either way!


The thread is one of two things you notice when looking at the results of our work. Most important features are the thickness, glitter, material, color and structure. Making sure it perfectly matches the leather is hard work though! Italian semi-waxed braided polyester thread is a Blue Blood’s choice.


We’ve made sure to use highest quality clips, inserts and other finishing bits and pieces. They need to last as long as the leather (years and years) so we made sure not to go cheap here! All the metal pieces are made of stainless steel with no nickel added!

It’s natural, original and unique

Each product is made from a different piece of leather so that no product remains the same